In landscaping, the name of the game is maintenance. Yes, there are a bunch of other things that require attention and are important. Enhancements are a must to keep the property exciting, with things like flowers and hardscapes. However, maintenance of the most important parts of your landscape is essential. In our professional opinion, your turf itself should probably be the number one priority. Your lawn is the first impression of your property, and people will judge based upon it. As a commercial property owner, this is the difference between a prospective customer or a passerby who never walks onto the property. In this blog we will give you the ultimate guide to turf, so you can have a stunning lawn.

General Lawn MaintenanceThe Ultimate Guide To Turf- Mowing

Let us assume you are an average property owner in the Prescott area, with some quality lawn in your landscape. There are a few things that this lawn will need to survive, let alone grow, no matter what. Easy ones like mowing and edging come to mind, and these should be performed every two weeks at the minimum. Higher cuts are actually healthier for your turf long term, teaching roots to dive deep and putting less stress on the turf each mow. We also recommend these be performed by a professional for the best results.

Specialty Lawn Treatments

While some landscaping companies employ a “mow and go” approach to lawn care, there is no such thing at Zebrascapes. It is our science-backed opinion that great lawn care requires a bit more. Fertilization is the most important of these specialty treatments, as it adds nutrients directly to your soil where they can be utilized by your turf. Most lawn fertilizers contain a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which each work to better your turf health. Nitrogen makes your grass greener, while the latter two focus on long-term root development. Additionally, if your turf is taking on some form of disease, pests, or weed, there are chemical treatments available to combat these lawn predators. 

Artificial Turf: What You Need To Know

Many property owners in Arizona actually choose to move away from organic lawns and install artificial turf. This is an always sustainable option because artificial turf requires almost no maintenance or resource use. Rather than be mowed, watered, or even fertilized, artificial turf just needs to be cleaned when it gets dirty. This is actually pretty easy when done quickly after the spill or stain. Simply use a hose and leaf blower combination, or a household detergent for stronger stains.

The Ultimate Guide To Turf- Watering

Preventive Maintenance

Everything we have discussed so far should keep your turf pretty, but there are a couple things to keep on your radar in the hopes of preventing problems. Routine lawn inspections are very important, especially if you have organic turf. Catching issues like disease, pests, and weeds before they take over is key to their eradication. Additionally, lawn cleanups are a best practice for the fall, as debris can create a ripe environment for all the aforementioned issues.


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