Although Arizona enjoys a warm climate year-round, we are not immune to the changing of the seasons. Neither is your landscape, which is why it is important to be cognizant of the weather and pay attention to potential freezes. This is not entirely uncommon, and neither is a frost. Keeping your lawn free of traffic during these periods will keep it healthy, as will adding fertilizer. Turning off irrigation systems is another great tip, as water freezing in pipes underneath your turf is bad for everyone. However, there is one threat to your landscape that supersedes all the rest. The falling of snow in large amounts can be a threat to your safety, and that of your property. To Prepare your landscape for winter means taking care of snow removal, and this is why.

Prepare Your Landscape For Winter: Snow RemovalMitigate Risk and Potential Liability

The primary reason that you need snow removal services for your property is to prevent injury. This is applicable to both commercial and residential properties, where people are going to be using your property no matter the weather conditions. Whether it is a place of business or a home, it is essential. Clearing driveways, parking lots, and walkways of snow and ice to ensure that nobody will slip and fall, or crash into another vehicle. Long story short, the potential for both injury and property damage is exponentially higher on a property that has not been cleared. Snow and ice removal ensures that if someone or something is damaged, you are not liable. The last thing you want is to become enveloped in a costly court case over a minor injury or fender bender. 

Speed of Service: Open for Business

Beyond the improvement in safety levels for your landscape, having a snow removal company on retainer means your property will be serviced as soon as possible. As much as we hope for this to be at the break of dawn, it will be at the earliest possible time so you can open your property back up for business. Every hour your business stays shut down, revenue is lost. The sooner you are back up and running, the sooner you can get back to driving profit. Additionally, when your property is cleared and others are not, you might as well have a monopoly on parking space. Rather than scrambling to clear your landscape yourself or waking up your staff at the earliest of hours, lay in bed stress-free while the Zebrascapes team takes care of everything.

Improved Curb AppealPrepare Your Landscape For Winter

On top of the functional benefits of snow removal that include reduced liability and increased profits, your property just looks better. The landscape is often judged by passersby from the street, and what they see is what they get. If they see dry sidewalks and a cleared parking lot, they will notice the care that property management has for the landscape. This will improve the general perception of the property, or the place of business, and lead to better outcomes for all. 

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