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5 Best Ways To Build An Outdoor Fireplace

At ZebraScapes one of our favorite pastimes is building gorgeous outdoor spaces for our clients to use on a daily basis. These need to be functional spaces that friends and family are comfortable spending time in at all hours of the day. One of the most popular installations that clients always love is an outdoor […]

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Prepare Your Landscape For Winter

Although Arizona enjoys a warm climate year-round, we are not immune to the changing of the seasons. Neither is your landscape, which is why it is important to be cognizant of the weather and pay attention to potential freezes. This is not entirely uncommon, and neither is a frost. Keeping your lawn free of traffic […]

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These Tree Care Services Are Essential

At Zebrascapes, our job as a full-service landscaping company is to provide comprehensive care to our customers. This means managing lawn care, landscape maintenance, irrigation, and even snow removal. We ensure that we possess the proper staff, trained well, to perform any of the property maintenance services you might need. Your landscape can only exceed […]

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Best Landscaping Tips For Prescott AZ

The way that anything is done is usually determined by the circumstance and the environment. Landscaping is no different, and the environment usually has a big implication on the climate. Temperatures and weather play a large role in the type of turf installed, the way it is maintained, and even the types of plant material […]

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The Value Of Hiring Professionals

As with any type of property maintenance, property owners often consider doing landscaping themselves, or keeping it to in-house staff. Services like lawn mowing, planting, and irrigation seem unnecessary and easily performed. However, the goal of this property maintenance is to create a pristine environment, and this can be a tall task for those who […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Turf

In landscaping, the name of the game is maintenance. Yes, there are a bunch of other things that require attention and are important. Enhancements are a must to keep the property exciting, with things like flowers and hardscapes. However, maintenance of the most important parts of your landscape is essential. In our professional opinion, your […]

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5 Things To Know About Tree Care

Every great landscape is composed of many different parts. Some are flashy, like landscape lighting, a new flower bed, or a polished paver patio. Others are more subtle, acting as the foundational elements of the property, creating structure in the landscape. We are talking about large plant materials, specifically trees. They are often overlooked in […]

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Choosing The Best Landscaper

Landscape management can be both complicated and intimidating if you are just entering the world of property management. Trying to weigh out the pros and cons of each company that gives you a bid can be a painstaking process. We all know about those local mom and pop shops that promise personal care, but you […]

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Late Summer Landscaping: Preparation For Fall

Although the desert climate of Arizona offers up some warm temperatures for most of the year, we still experience the chill of the fall and winter when they roll around. While this does not mean it is time to panic, there are some changes that you need to make in your landscape. The earlier you […]

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