Weed Control & Pre-Emergent

Pre-emergent is designed to target weeds as they germinate. It is critical to eliminate weeds at the earliest stage of growth, before you even see them. We have a licensed horticulturist on staff, who is also a licensed applicator. He is available for consultations regarding pre-emergent applications, and can ensure the prevention of weeds without the possibility of damaging existing lawn and plants.

ZebraScapes recommends that you treat your property with pre-emergent at least twice per year – once in early spring, and again during summer or fall. Pre-emergent herbicides are chemicals designed to control germinating weed seeds. As the name suggests, the target are weeds that have not yet emerged from the soil. Weeds should NOT be visible above ground at the time of application. Pre-emergent is not designed to control existing weeds, these chemicals kill weeds as they begin to sprout. It is possible for seeds to remain dormant and not be harmed during the application, this is why weed control is a constant process and ongoing applications of pre-emergent is very important. Watering in activates the herbicide, because of this, early spring is the one of the best times to apply pre-emergent.

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