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Prescott WaterSmart™ Rebate Program

ZebraScapes Landscaping & Services has joined force with the City of Prescott to promote WaterSmart™, a water conservation rebate program. This rebate program is designed to assist and promote the replacement of high-water use landscaping and will include installation of Rainwater Cistern (Active Rainwater Harvesting), Rain Garden (Passive Rainwater Harvesting), and conversion of natural turf grass to water saving landscaping.

Consult with a ZebraScapes landscaping expert to convert your current landscape to one that will save you water and money plus qualify for the WaterSmart™ rebate program. Give us a call for more information. Click HERE for the rules and rebate form. Click HERE to submit a rebate form online.

Active Rainwater Harvesting
Active rainwater harvesting conveys water from the roof of your home into a tank or cistern. Elaborate systems can be installed that include distribution systems. Leaf screens and first-flush devices are important for installation. This supply is ideal for watering vegetable gardens, raised planter beds, and containers of indoor plants.

Rebate: $0.50 per gallon of storage. $500.00 maximum award.

Passive Rainwater Harvesting
A simple rainwater harvesting method that diverts precipitation from gutters directly onto landscaping. This method is low maintenance, can be beneficial for people on a budget, or where site restrictions exist.

Rebate: $3/ft² of basin. $500.00 max per property.

Grass Removal
Requires conversion from irrigated grass to water saving landscaping. Minimum grass removal areas are 200 square feet for residential and 1,000 square feet for non-residential.

Rebate: $0.25 per square foot. $400.00 maximum per residential. $800.00 maximum commercial

WaterSense Smart Irrigation Controller
Must be WaterSense labeled and adjust to weather conditions.
Rebate: $75. Limit of 1 controller.