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Watering Tips for Spring

"Very Low" plants can survive with 3 to 6 deep soakings during a dry summer.

Many annuals, as well as fruits and vegetables, require the soil to be kept moist throughout the growing season if they are to bloom well, or produce a good crop.

Water young plants often; they have small root systems and tend to dry out quickly. Older plants have established root systems with plenty of root hairs (the organs that collect the most water for the plant); they do not need as much water as younger plants.

Under hot, dry, and/or windy conditions, plants use water rapidly. Young or shallow-rooted plants may need extra water, as they cannot absorb enough water to keep foliage from wilting.

Water plants at night between 2:00 a.m. and sunrise. Watering in midday when the weather is hot, dry, or windy can waste water due to excessive evaporation. Watering late in the day will keep the soil surface wet all night increasing the chances of soil-borne fungi damaging garden plants.

Maintenance & Firewise Clean Ups

ZebraScapes is a licensed contractor (ROC 270393). We bring more than 12 years of professional landscape maintenance experience and expertise to your property.

At ZebraScapes, we run 2 full maintenance crews servicing Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Yavapai County. We provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly landscape maintenance for both residential and commercial customers. We offer maintenance for yards, one time clean ups, tree trimming, and pruning of plants. We specialize in deep root fertilization where we put the organic fertilizer down to the main feeder roots all around the tree.

We recommend using the following types of trees in your landscaping: Austrian Pine, Blue Spruce,
Autumn Blaze, Aspen, Maple, Pines, Bradford Pear, and Crab Apple.

Newly acquired leaf vacuum.

The ZebraScapes landscape maintenance crew assigned to you is responsible for your landscape’s appearance and will follow a plan developed specifically for you and your needs. Your crew is reliable and thorough, and will visit you on a regularly scheduled basis. These customized maintenance plans work well for seasonal visitors to the Prescott area. We can watch over your property while you are residing elsewhere. In addition to regular scheduled maintenance, ZebraScapes can help you with one-time clean-up projects that give you a jump start to enjoying your yard again.

We also install, start up, winterize, and maintain all irrigation systems.

Zebrascapes is constantly training its employees. Below shows our employese being trained on pruning and planting.

Commercial Maintenance - Click for larger images


Residential Maintenance - Click for larger images


Spring or Fall Clean Up, Grass and Weed Removal, Irrigation Repairs, Tree and Shrub Pruning, Replacement or Removal, Fertilization - you name it...we can do it!

Contact ZebraScapes today (928) 830-4061 for your free Maintenance estimate. We keep your landscape looking great year round.

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